Frits olsen earthlock heroart

Promotional artwork showing our heroes facing a horde of monsters from the game.

Frits olsen monstersketches01

Example of the initial monster sketch sheets. Loads of different ideas.

Frits olsen droohgoon

The Droogos went through different design iterations, partly to make them more humanoid.

Frits olsen npc concept varluk

The boss we had in the prototype in 2015.

Frits olsen giant titans01

The Hollow Knight character sheet. He was supposed to have a brother.

Frits olsen cursedbrosinitconcept

These monster types were unfortunately cut.

Frits olsen goblins

Every RPGs need their own signature goblins!

Frits olsen golem guardians

Sheet for the Guardian bosses. I added suggestions for the joints.

Frits olsen conductorbot
Frits olsen minerbot
Frits olsen swarmer part 1
Frits olsen parasitebanditssheet wip

The games creepy shell people who are former bandits.

Frits olsen heavyblob swampchomperfamily
Frits olsen chomperfinalpass

In-game asset

Frits olsen tremelbone concept
Frits olsen droogo

In-game asset

Frits olsen sharan desertgod
Frits olsen naraan

In-game asset for the

Frits olsen valvurichaborender

One of the more challenging bosses in the game. Valvur Ichabo had 3 different modes using his hovering wings.

Frits olsen grandvalvurichabo cocoon

Design for Valvur Ichabo

Frits olsen quadragon

In-game asset for the Quadragon.

Frits olsen quadragon productionsheet
Frits olsen stag

In-game assets for the Stag-monsters.

Frits olsen beetle stags concept
Frits olsen stormdogs 01
Frits olsen barghests


Collection of monster designs and renders from Earthlock. As a small team we made an insane amount of monsters. The concept stage was fairly rough so a lot of the detail and colouring was done during texturing.