HUD and Combat UI

Earthlock Combat HUD design. This is the latest iteration.

Frits olsen gui dialogboxes

Speech bubble designs!

Harvesting UI - It was important to make it quick and light. It never stops the harvesting gameplay with big pop-up menus and the contextual shortcuts really speeds things up.

Frits olsen gui battledesign2 0 notes2

Earlier design for the current HUD style. Layout have changed a bit, but all the ingredients are in place. This is where I introduced the scaled HP-bars.

Frits olsen earthlock battlehud02

One of the first designs for the combat HUD. We were still figuring out the direction and how the combat mechanics would turn out. Figuring out the pairing was particularly challenging.

HUD and Combat UI

The HUD was also through several iterations as game design was tweaked and refined. I wanted the combat UI to be quick and fun to navigate and never get in the way of the action. I think we succeeded.