Zenit Environments

Frits olsen concept oasis01

Concept for the oasis environment

Frits olsen littleoasis

Concept for a desert shop.

Frits olsen earthlock zaber welldesign

Initial concept for the Zaber town.

Frits olsen zaber templearea

Concept for the Zaber combat arena interior and exterior.

Frits olsen zaberbuilding kitdesign01

Building kit sketch to figure out how to build the houses in Zaber.

Frits olsen burning desert shadowstructures01
Frits olsen canyontemple desertview
Frits olsen konkyliaarena

Idea for a dungeon that would spin out from the sand.

Frits olsen zabercanyon rocks
Frits olsen canyon combatarena

The first environment I did for Earthlock

Frits olsen canyontempleexterior mockupoverview

Blockout of the temple scene

Frits olsen nhl render02

3D scene from the game. Painted in 3D-coat.

Zenit Environments

Example of exterior environments I designed and developed from the warmer part of Earthlock.